Possible Relief From Grinding

relief from teeth grinding
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Many people clench and/or grind their teeth and suffer headaches or neckaches as a result. When the front teeth touch before the back teeth the lower jaw can be driven back, and pain can be a frequent problem. This patient suffered with frequent migraines for many years. We opened small spaces just behind her upper eyeteeth as we moved her upper front teeth slightly out of the way to allow her lower jaw to close comfortably. The dentist closed the spaces by bonding the adjacent teeth slightly. Her migraine pattern was completely eliminated.

“My life has been miserable” is what this patient told us. She suffered for years with debilitating headaches and pain patterns. She had one of the worst clenching patterns Dr. Hang had ever seen and she believed that her retractive ortho treatment (which included bicuspid extractions) made her clenching worse. Re-opening her extraction spaces and treating her tongue tie problem alleviated the pain pattern and enhanced her appearance.

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