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Transforming Orthodontic Care:
Prioritizing Airway Health At Face Focused Orthodontics

At Face Focused Orthodontics, our mission is to revolutionize orthodontic care by prioritizing airway health, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for our patients. We are dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive treatment plans that consider each individual’s unique craniofacial growth & development and airway function.

Through innovation, collaboration, and education we strive to empower our patients and the community with the knowledge and resources necessary for achieving optimal oral health and overall well-being.

Patient Centered Care

We prioritize the individual needs and well-being of our patients, ensuring a tailored approach to treatment that addresses their unique concerns and goals.


We believe in the power of interdisciplinary teamwork, working closely with a network of healthcare professionals to offer comprehensive care and optimal outcomes for our patients.

Compassion & Respect

We treat every patient with kindness, empathy and dignity, fostering a comfortable and welcoming environment where patients feel valued and supported.

Innovation & Technological Advancement

We continually invest in advanced technology and stay up to date of the latest research and techniques in airway centered orthodontics, enabling us to provide cutting-edge treatment options for our patients.

Education & Empowerment

We are dedicated to providing our patients and the community with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their orthodontic treatment and overall health.

Meet Dr. Yu

Dr. Tim Yu, DDS MSD is a board-certified orthodontist with specialized training in airway health and a focus on growth and development of the craniofacial complex, orthodontic TMD treatment, and facial esthetics. Dr. Yu takes a comprehensive approach to treatment, collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of sleep physicians, dentists, myofunctional therapists, and other healthcare professionals to deliver quality care to patients.
Dr. Yu earned his DDS degree from the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry and went on to complete his orthodontic speciality training at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. Here, he obtained a Masters of Science in Dentistry for his groundbreaking research on the effects of maxillomandibular advancement (MMA) surgery for sleep apnea. Dr. Yu’s research has earned numerous accolades, including awards from the American Association of Dental research and he has presented at the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics and American Association of Orthodontics.
As an active member of various dental and allied health professional associations, Dr. Yu is committed to raising awareness of airway health within the community. As the new lead at Face Focused Orthodontics, he is devoted to upholding the practice’s strong legacy of providing exceptional dental care and spearheading innovative orthodontic techniques to treat craniofacial growth abnormalities and ensure the overall well-being of his patients.

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The History Of Face Focused Orthodontics

1982 - 1983
Early 2000s
Present Day

Dr Bill Hang started his first dental practice in Vermont.

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Met Dr John Mew, started using Orthotropics®️Read More

Opened new practice under the name "Face Focused" in Westlake Village.Read More

Started researching airway implications of Orthotropics®️.Read More

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Dr Tim Yu took over Face Focused and continues to carry on Dr Hang’s legacy and treatment philosophies.Read More

Dr. Yu continually integrates emerging research and technological advancements to refine treatment techniques for airway-centered orthodontic care.Read More