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Functional Challenges

The functional challenges for patients who have had teeth extracted or pulled back in their face (extraction/retraction treatment) range from developing headaches, neck aches, clicking and/or locking in the temporomandibular joints (TMJ’s), pain or a full feeling in or around the ears, ringing in the ears. Some even complain of difficulty breathing or sleeping, fatigue, […]

The Importance of Broad Arches

Broad arches (or wide smiles) are not only very esthetic but can contribute to better facial balance and better health. Most people prefer the look of wide smiles to narrow ones, but a wide smile also gives more room for the tongue to fit to the roof of the mouth – where it belongs! When […]

What is Proper Rest Oral Posture

Why do these identical twins look so different? SIGNS OF IMPROPER REST ORAL POSTURE Lips apart at rest Lip strain with flattening or wrinkling of chin when lips are closed Flaccid, rolled-out upper lip Crusty lips Accentuated “cupid’s bow” appearance of upper lip Flattened cheeks One or both jaws recessed from ideal position Nose-lip angle […]

Why We Do Not Extract or Retract

It has been shown in the refereed literature that the airway can be reduced. Facial appearance can be changed in a negative way. Many patients do not adapt to a reduction in tongue space. Patients generally look better when their teeth are more prominent in their faces. In the vast majority of cases both jaws […]

An Overview of E.R.R.S.™

An Overview of E.R.R.S.™ Dr. Hang has been reopening previous orthodontic extraction spaces for nearly thirty years. He recognized a very common thread of symptoms for many of these patients. What are the Symptoms of E.R.R.S.™ Symptoms include (but are not limited to) 1) flattening, caving-in, and/or lengthening of the lower face 2) TMJ problems, […]

What are the Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy

We use the muscles of our face and mouth for talking, chewing, swallowing, smiling, singing, etc. and don’t usually think a thing about whether or not we are using these muscles correctly. Being certain these muscles are toned and used correctly can help guide the teeth into desirable positions in the growing child, contribute to […]