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Elevating Orthodontics With
The Power of Airway Centered Care

Airway-Centered Orthodontics:
Improving Health and Well-Being

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It Goes Beyond Straight Teeth

Our practice is guided by core values of kindness, collaboration, and patient-centered care. We cultivate a nurturing environment, ensuring patients feel at ease throughout treatment. With unwavering dedication, we prioritize their well-being, providing exceptional care and support at every step of their journey.


Guided by Values

At Face Focused Orthodontics, we transcend teeth straightening. Our mission is to enhance breathing, sleep, and overall well-being through exceptional orthodontic care. By aligning the jaw and facial bones, we optimize facial harmony, improve health, and transform lives in profound ways.


You Deserve More

We believe in liberating individuals from airway-related constraints. Through personalized orthodontic care prioritizing airway health, we empower patients to embrace enhanced well-being, better sleep, and a higher quality of life. Discover the transformative power of our tailored approach to orthodontics and experience life-changing results.

Carrying on Dr. Hang's legacy

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