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Emotional Challenges

Patients who are dealing with esthetic and/or functional issues related to E.R.R.S.™ not infrequently develop emotional challenges. The longer the duration of these issues the more likely patients are to develop emotional problems. Emotional problems we often see are guilt for having agreed to the treatment in the first place, a sense of loss of something they had and are afraid they will never have back, a sense of rage about someone actually doing the treatment in the first place, a sense of urgency to do something, and a sense of sadness or hopelessness if they feel that nothing can be done.

Often these people seek answers only to be told they are crazy. The ones who have had the problem for a very long time and have seen little or no resolution in symptoms despite all their efforts may develop thoughts of suicide. On the healthy side of the emotions is the feeling that they would do almost anything to help others avoid the problems they are dealing with.

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