Why 2 Dentists Chose Orthotropics® for Their Children

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Here’s what you need to know…

This video features two dentists who chose Biobloc Orthotropics® for their own children. The two women you will meet in this program travel to Dr. Hang’s office by plane on a regular basis. One is a cosmetic dentist who believes the benefits of Dr. Hang treating her daughter with Biobloc Orthotropics® far outweigh the costs of commuting from Colorado to Southern California for appointments.

The second is a general dentist who chose to take Dr. Hang’s year long Biobloc Orthotropics® mini-residency course (commuting from Canada to Southern California) so she could learn how to treat her own child. She explains why she now refuses to extract permanent teeth from children and talks about incorporating Biobloc Orthotropics® treatment into her own dental practice.

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