What is “Face Focused?”

The Face Focused® Approach

We originally registered the mark “Face Focused Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics®” because we became committed to doing orthodontics which took into account the effect of orthodontics on the face. Too often traditional orthodontics produces straight teeth but ignores or even damages the balance of the face.

We have since recognized that by respecting the profile and balance of the face, a person’s airway is not compromised and often can be improved. A compromised airway can be associated with TMJ problems, headaches, and sleep apnea.

It has become apparent that Face Focused Orthodontics is far more than being about facial balance. Its critical consideration of airway factors indeed relate to a patient’s overall health.

Face Focused Respects Profile and Facial Balance

mom daughter facial balance
The mother pictured on the left was treated with conventional orthodontics. She had 4 teeth extracted. She wore braces that pulled her teeth back into her face. Her daughter, pictured on the right, was treated using Biobloc Orthotropics®. Both jaws were developed forward in her face.

This 27 year old female underwent conventional orthodontic treatment as a child. She had permanent teeth extracted. She wore braces that pulled her upper and lower teeth back into her face. Subsequently, she suffered near constant debilitating headaches for over a decade. Dr. Hang reopened the spaces so the extracted teeth could be replaced. Her headache pattern disappeared completely and has never returned. Her facial appearance improvement speaks for itself.

Example Of What Can Happen When Oral Posture Is Not Corrected (Even Though Teeth Are Straight)

Poor rest oral posture (lip-apart vs. lip-together) acts 24 hours a day and affects jaw growth dramatically. Constant lip-apart posture over a period of years results in both jaws failing to grow properly forward to their genetically determined positions. The cheeks flatten, the face lengthens, and the nose bends as both jaws fall back. This pattern of facial change, which occurs in millions of people living in industrialized countries, continues throughout life as long as the oral posture remains uncorrected.

Face Focused Can Improve Airway for Overall Health At Any Age

Orthodontic treatment of this 14 year-old girl advanced her teeth in her face (exact opposite of conventional treatment). This not only improved her facial appearance, but dramatically improved her airway – all non-surgically. Notice the airway improvement on these x-rays.

Biobloc Orthotropics® to develop the entire lower face forward in young children has been proven scientifically to improve the airway. Pre and post treatment x-rays show a dramatic, and clinically very significant, improvement in this child’s airway and ability to breathe.

This 59 year old male suffered with uncontrolled Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) for 15 years before an orthodontic/orthognathic surgical correction improved his airway (as shown) and completely eliminated his OSA symptoms.

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