An Overview

Dr. Hang has been reopening previous orthodontic extraction spaces for nearly thirty years.  He recognized a very common thread of symptoms for many of these patients.

Symptoms  include (but are not limited to) 1) flattening, caving-in, and/or lengthening of the lower face 2)TMJ problems, head and neck pain, breathing, sleeping, and fatigue problems associated with reduced airways and 3) serious emotional problems brought on by the esthetic and functional problems associated with retraction of teeth in orthodontics.

Recognizing these relationships, Dr. Hang identified Extraction Retraction Regret Syndrome™ (E.R.R.S.™) and defines it as:

                    A constellation of esthetic, functional, and emotional signs and symptoms caused by tongue space/airway reduction from orthodontic retraction…….all of which is preventable.


Dr. Hang has developed a number of approaches, including reopening extraction spaces, which may dramatically reduce or eliminate many of these symptoms.